The Fountains of Musica
In The Buddy Killen Circle
A beautiful work of art


Celebrating the history and diversity
of all the arts in Nashville

Represented by the Nine Muses of Musica


A delightful display of joy during the day...


...and a stunning display of lights
and dancing waters after sunset


Located in the Buddy Killen Circle
at heart of Nashville's Music Row


Let’s get the fountains started!

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Musica…just add water!

We are completing the original design of “Musica,” the majestic bronze sculpture by Alan LeQuire located in the Buddy Killen Circle. Three stunning fountains, designed by award-winning, aquatic design firm, WET, will surround the largest bronze figure group in the U.S., creating a magnificent centerpiece for Music Row and Nashville!


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The Fountains of Musica project.

Music City Landmark

With its fountains, “Musica” will represent Nashville’s creativity and its diversity and will become a recognizable icon around the world.

A Worthwhile Investment

Adding the fountains to the landmark sculpture will augment Nashville’s national presence and will bring joy to its visitors and citizens.

The fountain is the culmination of LeQuire’s assignment. Its vision is now leading this area’s transformation, representing the kick-off for the new revitalization, which will have an economic impact on the future of Nashville.

Adding to the beauty of the central fountains around “Musica” will be an interactive water feature in Owen Bradley Park for kids, also an important investment.

In The Heart of Music Row

As a creative wellspring, the exuberance expressed by Musica and its fountains reflects the joy to be found in music and the benefits of the natural world, especially our abundance of clean, fresh water.

On a deeper, more symbolic level, the piece as a whole refers to the chthonic forces of the earth and the moment of creative inspiration bursting forth at this important site in Music City. Musica embodies grace and the welcoming nature of Nashvillians and their city.

An Incredible Visitor Attraction

People travel to places that are unforgettable, that inspire them, that offer them joy, fun, or a contemplative moment. Majestic, recognizable landmarks draw visitors from around the world. Musica’s fountain together with this important work of art will be such a landmark.

A Beautiful Work Of Art

The nine figures of Musica, while they refer to the nine muses of the Greeks, are not idealized Greek statues, but real people, reflecting the ethnic diversity of Nashville.

Country music is the root of Music Row’s industry, and over the years,  every possible genre has taken hold and flourished in Music City.  “Musica” celebrates all the diverse genres Nashville produces.

The material and the texture of the sculpture along with the water are meant to convey a sense of the natural world as if the figures might have sprung forth from the core of the earth, as the ancient Greeks believed people did.

Artistically “Musica” refers to great works of the past that use dance as the physical expression of music, but in a way that is completely contemporary.

A Part Of U.S. History

Music Row is a place of unique significance in Nashville’s past and present. In 2015 it was deemed a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, one of only 27 in the United States. As the focal point of Nashville’s music industry for 60 years, Music Row is the centerpiece of Nashville’s national and international reputation as Music City U.S.A. with “Musica” located in the Buddy Killen Circle. Out of the modest homes and large commercial buildings has emerged an unmatched cannon of music recordings in country music and a wide variety of musical styles including classical, blues, gospel, rock, rockabilly and bluegrass.

“Dance has no language barrier. It’s universal.”

Louis Robitaille, Artistic Director of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal

“Music Row is the very definition of a National Treasure. The sounds created here have echoed throughout the country for decades, earning it an unparalleled place in America’s cultural life.”

David J. Brown, Executive Vice President and Chief Preservation Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Lbs. of Bronze
Hrs of Sculpting
Cars Circling Daily
Daily Tourists

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Alan LeQuire's masterpiece MUSICA is the crown jewel of Nashville and I passionately believe it deserves to be completed as originally envisioned with its lush dancing fountains celebrating the diverse creativity and exuberance of our great city.

Desmond Child

It is wonderful to see the artist & business communities coming together in partnership with Metro to see the original vision for ‘Musica’ come to a reality.

Metro Nashville Mayor Megan Barry

Now with the Roundabout, ‘Musica’ and the new fountains, our beloved Music Row will have a proper introduction!

Reba McEntire