About Nashville’s Music Row

On January 12, 2015, the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced Nashville’s Music Row as a National Treasure. Music Row is a place of unique significance in Nashville’s past and present. As the focal point of Nashville’s music industry for 60 years, Music Row is the centerpiece of Nashville’s national and international reputation as Music City U.S.A. Out of the modest homes and large commercial buildings has emerged an unmatched cannon of music recordings in country music and a wide variety of musical styles including classical, Christian, rock, rockabilly and bluegrass. “Musica,” located on the roundabout, reflects this heart where you find a plethora of music related businesses including offices of numerous record labels, publishing houses, music licensing firms, recording studios, video production houses, along with other business who serve the music industry, as well as radio networks, and radio stations. (History courtesy of National Trust for Historic Preservation and Music Industry Coalition photos by Rick Smith)