Fountains of Musica at Night, rendering by WET, Nashville, TN

Year-End Gift Giving Supports Fountains Of Musica

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Honor a friend this holiday season by making a tax-deductible donation to The Fountains of Musica (a 501C3), the nonprofit organization working to complete the original vision for Musica creating a cultural landmark while strengthening our identity as a diverse and creative community. Click here to donate. 

The Fountains of Musica’s Central Fountain By WET


Fountains of Musica at Night, rendering by WET, Nashville, TN


Adding to the artistic creativity and vibrancy of Musica, The Fountains of Musica’s central fountain in the Buddy Killen Circle provides choreographed movement to the epicenter of Nashville’s iconic Music Row, one of the country’s most beloved historic sites.


Designed by WET in collaboration with Musica’s creator, Alan LeQuire, the main feature is comprised of a series of water-clad terraces that encircle the central sculpture and create a grade change within the site. The outermost terrace is divided into steps facing Demonbruen Street, from which flows a frothy cascade of water that connects it both symbolically and physically with its human audience.


A spiraling formation of pulsing jets emerges from the terraces and radiates around the nine bronze dancers. The water glides through the air toward the outer reaches of the traffic circle, as if the muses themselves are showering their artistic spirit across Music Row to the citizens and visitors of Nashville.


Arches of water create an interactive narrative with Musica’s lyrical figures. Their sculptural expressions produce kinetic collisions as they splash against the figures or evolve slowly from one composition to the next, sometimes holding their poses to create moments in time for visitors to photograph themselves against, as if posing with a troupe of aquatic performers unique to Nashville. They also create a playful curtain of water that first shrouds then reveals the towering figures.


The layers of ebullient jets also create a translucent scrim that momentarily veils the onlooker’s view of the sculpture. Ephemeral and stately, the veil provides an air of mystery and a strong visual impact for the passing commuters as they chase the joyful movement of water around the traffic circle, while pedestrians are captivated by the water’s intricately choreographed dance.


By creating captivating aquatic performances that dance with the majestic yet static figures, the main fountain provides an elegantly orchestrated experience, which adds to the exuberance of Musica and deepens the iconography of Nashville’s historic Music Row.



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Mayor Megan Barry, Fountains of Musica News Conference, Nashvillejpg

Fountains of Musica Construction

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While it is exciting to add such a compelling attraction to Nashville and the Music Row area, the installation of the Fountains of Musica will involve construction.

Fountains of Musica Fountains Rendering, WET, Fountains of Musica Foundation, Nashville

Good news, we will be working closely with many of the Metro departments to keep any disruption for area residents, commuters, tourists and business owners to a minimum.  The other good news, the first part of the process is fabrication of the specialized nozzles and other fountain components. This will take place in Los Angeles and be designed and manufactured by WET.

Fortunately for the project, electric and water lines are already underground inside the traffic circle (under the existing grass).  Most of the construction will take place inside the inner ring where “Musica” stands. Construction will not affect the sculpture.  WET has years of experience working in tight construction areas installing fountains all over the world, including inside traffic circles, such as Columbus Circle in New York City.

We will also be installing an interactive fountain in Owen Bradley Park and a cascade in the median of Division, flowing toward 17th. Once most of the installation of pumps, nozzles, etc. and granite slabs, over which water will slide and cascade from level to level, is complete, there may be a short period of lane closure to link everything together. As always, it will be done with the help of Metro Public Works. As Mayor Megan Barry said in our news conference announcement, the goal is always to “keep traffic flowing!”

Mayor Megan Barry, Fountains of Musica News Conference, Nashvillejpg

Metro Nashville Mayor Megan Barry at the Fountains of Musica news conference announcement.

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Privately-funded, Fountains of Musica Announced

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At a February 24 news conference, a major transformation was announced for Nashville’s iconic Music Row sculpture, “Musica,” by the nonprofit behind the project, The Fountains of Musica Foundation, in partnership with Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and Music Row representatives.  A series of choreographed fountains, effectively completing the work of acclaimed artist Alan LeQuire, were revealed at the news conference.  The highlights were captured by the videography team of Andrew Rozario, Steven Knapp, Knapptime Creative, Mike Stryker, Casting Life Films.

Considered to be the largest bronze figure group in the United States, plans were outlined by foundation chairman Desmond Child, Grammy-winning producer and Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee, who revealed the animated rendering. The fountains have been designed by world-renowned WET, a Southern California-based, award-winning design and engineering firm responsible for the world’s most iconic water and fire environments, including the Sochi Winter Olympic Games’ Olympic Cauldron and the fountain at New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Desmond Child, Fountains of Musica Foundation Chairman, Danielle Shields

Fountains of Musica news conference pictured left to right, Eddie Robba, Mayor Megan Barry, Bill Sullivan, Desmond Child, Teresa Powell-Caldwell, Andrée LeQuire and Alan LeQuire (Photo by Danielle Shields)

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