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An incredible convergence of creativity happened as we continue our road to the Fountains of Musica.  Would you call a room full of engineers and contractors a convergence of creativity? Yes, you would as you look at their progress toward our finish line!

Fountains of Musica at Night, rendering by WET, Nashville, TN

Fountains of Musica Progress

So here’s the latest on our community efforts to bring this incredible Music City project to life. In early February, The Fountains of Musica Foundation Board met with our fountains designer WET’s Project Engineering Director Jim DeLeon, and contractor Outside The Lines (OTL) CEO Wick Zimmerman – all who flew in from Los Angeles – as well as our local engineers, Gresham Smith.

Design Meeting, Fountains of Musica


On this day, we clarified each detail in the construction plans so everything will run smoothly as the fountains are built. Due to the energy and creativity of the room ways to streamline the design and save money bubbled to the surface.  This was unexpected but consistent with our goal to be good stewards of this effort and the amazing people who have been early financial contributors.


Design Meeting, Fountains of Musica, Nashville

We have had amazing support in completing the original design for “Musica.” First installed in 2003, the project was unfortunately left bare without its fountains.  Did you know it was originally supposed to have water?  Many don’t.  From the very beginning, sculptor Alan LeQuire’s commission for “Musica” was a sculpture for a fountain. Flowing waters were essential to his vision and design.

From a song or a building to a delicious dinner or a work of art, no one likes anything left half-way or incomplete.

Fountains of Musica, rendering by WET Design, Nashville, TN

Community Support Needed

Now, let’s talk about money. Next steps are critical. Soon, we will be announcing some very exciting project commitments. And, we will also be announcing ways in which everyone can help complete this project. Wrap this beautiful work of art in the dancing, majestic waters it deserves.

Take a moment and watch our one-minute video and see for yourself the beautiful vision, which will soon become an icon for Nashville and the fitting gateway to our beloved Music Row.


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