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Fountains of Musica Construction

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While it is exciting to add such a compelling attraction to Nashville and the Music Row area, the installation of the Fountains of Musica will involve construction.

Fountains of Musica Fountains Rendering, WET, Fountains of Musica Foundation, Nashville

Good news, we will be working closely with many of the Metro departments to keep any disruption for area residents, commuters, tourists and business owners to a minimum.  The other good news, the first part of the process is fabrication of the specialized nozzles and other fountain components. This will take place in Los Angeles and be designed and manufactured by WET.

Fortunately for the project, electric and water lines are already underground inside the traffic circle (under the existing grass).  Most of the construction will take place inside the inner ring where “Musica” stands. Construction will not affect the sculpture.  WET has years of experience working in tight construction areas installing fountains all over the world, including inside traffic circles, such as Columbus Circle in New York City.

We will also be installing an interactive fountain in Owen Bradley Park and a cascade in the median of Division, flowing toward 17th. Once most of the installation of pumps, nozzles, etc. and granite slabs, over which water will slide and cascade from level to level, is complete, there may be a short period of lane closure to link everything together. As always, it will be done with the help of Metro Public Works. As Mayor Megan Barry said in our news conference announcement, the goal is always to “keep traffic flowing!”

Mayor Megan Barry, Fountains of Musica News Conference, Nashvillejpg

Metro Nashville Mayor Megan Barry at the Fountains of Musica news conference announcement.

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